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SHPE-SV’s Rosalinda Zepeda Farewell Letter to Membership
SHPE-SV Noche de Ciencias Save the Date
Dear SHPE-SV Community,I regret to inform you all that we are losing two very valuable members from our SHPE Silicon Valley Executive board; Rosalinda Zepeda, our Co-President and Peter Sanchez, our MESA representative. Although they are leaving SHPE-SV, I am excited to see all they will be offering our community with their entrepreneurial ventures. Rosalinda, you have been a great role model, confidant and friend. Peter, thank you for your countless hours of support & guidance for this organization and our executive board. We wish you both the absolute best in your current and future endeavors.Julissa Ramirez, President

Farewell message from Rosalinda Zepeda
Rosalinda Zepeda

In 2008, at the SHPE-SF Bay Area Banquet Awards, I was asked by David Silva if I would be interested in reviving the dormant SHPE-SV Chapter. My answer was twofold: I would agree to come on board as long as we could implement strategies of inclusion and collaboration with other like minded Latino organizations, and our efforts would be based on a strategic marketing plan to create a premier professional experience for our members. The first call to action was to find jobs for our “gente.” (During this time half of our members were out of work.) We attended over 50 events in our first year to promote SHPE-SV was back for good. The revival took place in the midst of a tumor found in my adrenal gland and taken out in 2009.

Fast forward almost 6 years later and the time has come for me to step down as Co-President of this amazing organization. It has been a great journey. However, none of this would have happened without your continued participation and support for our organization. I feel blessed to have formed deep friendships, collaborations and business partnerships with so many of you. Moving forward, I will joyfully continue to support your efforts, those of the SHPE-SV Chapter Board, as well as SHPE National. My journey as a serial entrepreneur goes on with the newly formed Latina Success Network and as CEO of my interpersonal skills consulting company: “Compelling Conversations.” I invite you to stay in touch. Life is so short and the world is so small, so seize the day. You can reach me at:

Blessings – Rosie Zepeda
2014 Spring Noche de Ciencias – April 17th – Volunteer and Submit Ideas for Student Activities!

We’re proud to announce that our next Noche de Ciencias (Family Science Night) is scheduled for Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at Sherman Oaks Elementary and Community Charter School in Campbell. This is our largest community outreach event of the year targeting Latino/Hispanic students and parents to educate them about engineering, science, and technology with hands-on experiments and provide information about college and financial aid.

For the 4th consecutive time ThermoFisher Scientific is sponsoring our annual event on April 17th, 2014

If you’re interested in volunteering or helping out at the event, please let us know and sign up at  Volunteer Form.

We are also taking new suggestions and ideas for student workshops and activities. If you have a fun and exciting workshop for students to educate them on math, science, engineering, and/or technology, please submit your idea at Activity Suggestions.

LISTAS Young Latinas Conference – April 26th, 2014
On Saturday, April 26, 2014 – LISTAS “Latinas In Stem To Acheive Success” will be hosting their first conference to encourage and motivate young Latinas into the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and management!
Come listen to Latina professionals from the Bay Area share their story about their upbringing, professional careers, and tips on how to become the next generation of successful Latinas. There will be workshops for middle/high school students and their parents.

Know a middle school or High School young latina that would like to attend? Have her Register Here.

If you’re interested in volunteering or helping out at the event, please let us know and sign up at LISTAS Volunteer form .

Stand Out and Make an Impact
Have you ever wanted to really stand out professionally in the Bay Area, get noticed when speaking and become known on a personal name basis by Fortune 500 companies? Well now it can be your turn and the perfect opportunity.


The SHPE Silicon Valley Professional Chapter is looking to fill a Community Outreach Leadership position on its Board until June’s Elections. Are you interested in giving back to your community through our organization?
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